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LIVE! 2023


1/28 - GPub Plymouth
3/17 - Scituate Harbor Yacht Club

3/24 - GPub Plymouth
4/14 - the Sandcastle Lounge, Plymouth
5/24 - the Spire, Plymouth
5/26 - the Sandcastle Lounge, Plymouth
7/03 - 4th Party @ the Swampscott Club
7/21 - the Parrot, Falmouth
7/22 - Neckapalooza, Quincy
7/29 - Moonfest, Milton
7/30 - Plymouth Yacht Club
8/26 - Plymouth Porchfest & Waterfront Festival
9/02 - the Swampscott Club
9/03 - Eel River Beach Club

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SSB @ the Swampscott Club - Pyscho Killer

SSB @ the Swampscott Club - Pyscho Killer

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Surf Strider Band 2022 Recap

Surf Strider Band 2022 Recap

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SSB @ the spire 00 Bertha (soundcheck)

SSB @ the spire 00 Bertha (soundcheck)

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SSB @ the spire 08 Mary Janes Last Dance

SSB @ the spire 08 Mary Janes Last Dance

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New Releases

Surf Strider Band Live! at the Parrot is available now for streaming and purchase on all platforms! We are so freakin excited to share this music with you. All original songs recorded live at the Parrot Bar & Grille in Falmouth. This is great windows down driving music. Rock, pop, country, blues and reggae all in one psychedelic swirl. Enjoy!

July 22nd, 2022- The Surf Strider Band is proud to release set 2 from June 4th at The Parrot Bar & Grille, Falmouth MA.

About the Band

The Surf Strider Band came together in Plymouth MA in 2019. Members include Strider on lead vocals and guitar, Chris “killer” Schelleng on lead guitar and vocals, Eric “e-low” Parent on bass guitar and "Gansta" Zeljko Mikulic-Korozija on percussion and vocals. In early 2021 the band released two singles, the distant jam ballad “Be Here Now” and pop rock “Sunset”.



Vocals & Guitar

Strider Slocum is a talented musician with a wide range of influences that have shaped his unique sound. Growing up, he was drawn to classic rock icons such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, whose melodic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics inspired him to pick up a guitar and start writing his own music. As he honed his craft, Slocum also discovered the blues, which he incorporated into his sound, drawing inspiration from legends such as Muddy Waters and B.B. King. Additionally, he was heavily influenced by the alternative rock scene of the 90s, which introduced him to bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. These diverse influences come together in Slocum's music, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh, with a touch of nostalgia that resonates with listeners of all ages.


Chris “Killer”

Guitar & Vocals

Chris grew up in Virginia and has been playing as long as he can remember.  As a kid he was surrounded by folk, country, bluegrass, classical, and 60’s rock. His first LP was a collection of Elvis’ Golden Records, and his first guitar was his mom’s Sears plywood acoustic, which he used to pick out classic rock tunes he taped off of DC101. He listens to everything from Merle Haggard to Kraftwerk to Wilco - as long as it’s real music made by real people. It is unlikely that he has ever played a song the same way twice.


"Gansta" Zeljko

Percussion & Vocals

"Gansta" Zeljko Mikulic-Korozija 
Seasoned musician and recording artist. Always plays for the song...


Eric “E-low”

Bass Guitar

Eric grew up on the mean streets of Chiltonville in Plymouth. Surrounded by a variety of music his appreciation for musicians of any genre continues to grow to this day.  As  a bass player he is  mainly inspired by classic rock, first wave alternative, Motown, and really anything that makes you tap your foot.


The Surf Strider Band is a jam band that takes on all genres of music from their originals to the Grateful Dead, Phish, Reggae, Blues, Classic Rock to Punk and everything in between. SSB puts their own spin on old and new classics truly making it their own. From Psycho Killer to Losing My Religion to All Along the Watchtower, SSB gets people up and dancing. The transitions are so smooth you almost don’t notice you are hearing a new song. The sets and songs are long and intricate and just make you want to dance and sing along. The guitar and drum solos are so much fun and when the slide guitar comes out you know its going to be fun.

- Rhonda

Surf Strider was a big hit at Plymouth PorchFest this year and entertained us during our ChalkArt event as well. They are very talented musicians performing a wide variety of music- fun, lively and upbeat- a must see!


- Robin

Surf Strider  has headlined at our last two summer solstice parties. Whether playing their own music or classic covers, they sound great, get everyone in a dancing mood, and are really fun.  Can’t wait to have them back for Summer Solstice 2022.

- Christina

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